Exciting Capital Improvement Campaign
Minnesota Pioneer Park is an important asset for anyone interested in Minnesota history. To preserve our irreplaceable historic buildings, the Board of Directors maintains an on-going Capital Improvement Campaign that began in spring of 2010. These buildings include the Log Cabin and 1902 House, a 1940’s Barn Museum, and the General Store, formerly a granary, that are all part of the original farmstead; and buildings moved onto the site including the 1886 Annandale Soo Line Train Depot and Gift Shop, the 1886 Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church from the French Lake area, Corinna Township Hall, 1902 Albion One Room School HouseSorensen Cabin, moved from Foley, and Powers Blacksmith Shop. While a group of unpaid volunteers perform general maintenance and building repairs that are paid for from general Park revenues, major renovations  go beyond what our volunteers can accomplish. To date the CII fund has paid for a new Barn roof and secondary Barn exit and a new Dept platform as part of a plan to improve safety for visitors. Available funds will be spent this summer to stabilize the General Store and re-side the building with the work done by a professional contractor. Our most urgent need at this time is a new roof for the Church. With its roots in our area's Finnish heritage and ties to the Titanic tragedy, the Church is extremely popular with our visitors and especially the children on their school tours. To ensure donors that their contributions will be used wisely, funds are held in a separate account and can only be spent for projects on these buildings that cost $1,000 or more. Expenditures from this fund must be approved by the Board of Directors. Donations in any amount will be accepted and can be tax deductible. Park members and the general public have been very generous in the past. We hope you will consider contributing to this important preservation effort. 

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For further information contact us at: 320-274-8489, e-mail pioneerp@lakedalelink.net or fax 320-274-9612.