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This building, originally the granary on the farm here, has been fitted out to resemble a general store of the early 1900s.Tools. Lanterns, pots, pans, fabric, feed, spices, flour, sugar -- everything and anything that was available at that time could be bought here. Usually, purchases were things which could not be grown in Minnesota (spices, coffee) or made (coffeepots, enamel basins).The settlers were very frugal, creative, and self-sufficient, just as their pioneer ancestors had been. The ornate hand-operated cash register was the sign of a prosperous shopkeeper. 
14) General Store
Accounts were kept either in a ledger or in a lockable cabinet like the one behind the counter. Many farmers did not have "ready money" to pay for their purchases, so records were kept as credit was extended until harvest time. Bartering was also acceptable with garden produce, eggs, and meat being common trades for supplies.

To the right of the counter is an egg candling booth. If an egg is fresh, the light from a candle held behind it will light up the shell. If the egg is rotten or developing a chick, the light will not shine through.The shopkeeper could discard any eggs which were not edible and give credit to the farmwife for those he could resell.

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