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The Wright County Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is the location, discovery, collection and preservation of historical artifacts and records and the dissemination of knowledge about the history of Wright County and its relationship to the State of Minnesota.
Founded in 1984 by a small group of carriage collectors and driving enthusiasts, the Minnesota Whips and Wheels Carriage and Driving Society has grown quickly. Driving is gaining popularity throughout the world as a sporting and recreation activity which includes the whole family.
We are a friendly group of individuals and families that enjoy owning, driving, fixing and talking about Studebaker cars and trucks. The North Star Chapter, whose members are from across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, is a chartered chapter of the internationally recognized Studebaker Drivers Club.

For further information contact us at: 320-274-8489, e-mail or fax 320-274-9612.