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Based on records at the Wright County Historical Society, ownership of the land that Minnesota Pioneer Park sits on dates back to 1879. We are not sure when the log cabin attached to the 1902 House was built, but newspapers found on the cabins walls date back to the 1870’s. By 1901 the property was owned by Viola Ridgeway, wife of Dr. A.M. Ridgeway, Annandale’s first doctor. Various families through 1970 lived on the property. The log cabin is furnished, as it would have been if a Fur Trapper had lived there. The snowshoes, buffalo coat and rope bed were common in that period.
When you step into the “Parlour” of the 1902 House you actually step into a different era of Minnesota history. The decorative furnishings are of the “Victorian” style, such as the stove, hand-loomed rug and the “fainting couch”. The kitchen is early 20th century, displaying “Wainscoting” on the lower walls with a pantry, and cistern pump. The size and features of the stove said much about the family’s financial standing. The upstairs bedrooms are furnished in a manner consistent with a successful family, steel bed, ornate dressers and toiletry.

8) Log Cabin & 1902 House