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The Corinna Township hall was built in 1892 northeast of Annandale. In Minnesota, counties are divided into townships, which are 6 miles by 6 miles, or 36 square miles called sections. The township hall was placed fairly close to the center of the township so farmers could easily reach it for voting or for meetings. It also used as a gathering place for local folks. Photocopies of 57 pages of the original minutes show that the hall was used as a recruiting center for the Spanish-American war, Liberty Bond Drives, and Red Cross benefits.

The roll-top desk, file cabinet, and law books were seen in every attorney's office.  Lawyers were some of the first businessmen to utilize the regularity of the typewriter.  This old Oliver could have been used in this office.  Most towns in Minnesota had telephone service by 1910, with the phone on the wall being typical of that time.  The map of Stearns County on the back wall clearly shows the townships.
17) Corrina Township Hall