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Many of the artifacts in this display came from the old funeral parlor in Annandale.  There are 14 historical mortuaries in the U.S., with ours being the only in Minnesota.
In many villages, the furniture maker was also the under taker, since he had the tools and wood for coffins at his store. In earlier days, funerals were held at the home of his deceased. The family prepared the body, and placed the coffin in their best room. Perhaps they would also use curtains like these, which are collapsible and portable. The coffin is covered by a viewing veil. It enabled people to see their loved one with a tinge of color reflected off the face. It also kept out flies and bugs. Burial was in the family plot on the family farm.

The exhibits and pictures on the wall give interesting information about how death was handled in the past century.  The embalming table and the chilling tables on display in the back were used in more recent times as mortuary science developed.
16) Funeral Parlor