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Every early town had a blacksmith and a harness and buggy shop.  Before the days of the automobile, the horse was the major means of transportation, so harnesses and tack.  The fringed harness, called a fly net, was thrown over the horse's back and kept flies from alighting.  The screen muzzles were used to prevent the horse from nibbling the grasses and grains while working.

Also on view is an old cutter -- a one horse open sleigh complete with jingle bells!  On it is a horse blanket which would have been appreciated for repairing leather and sharpening saws.  

The harness maker also could make shoes.  The same shoe last (the black iron shoes forms on the wall) was used to make both the right and left shoe.  Boys and Girls wore the same style of shoes.  Farm children often wore shoes only in the winter in order to preserve the leather.

20) Harness & Buggy Shop