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The idea for a machinery display got its “seed” as several PP Members toured the warehouse and old H & H building this Spring. The general belief was that we were locking up many major assets of PP without reason.

The first “rescue” was the shingle saw machine; which Dick saw as an asset to demonstrate Settler use of early machines to improve housing materials. That idea has already proved out to be an attraction and a producer of shingles we can use at PP.

Other machinery pieces were identified as candidates for outdoor exposure, and Ed gave the approval to proceed with developing a plan to establish a new exhibit for PP Members and visitors.

A suitable site was approved, design was staked out, and researched for material costs. It became clear that the investment was very reasonable for such a major project. 

Many Member volunteers were involved in the process and completion of this project-plus dozens of teen-age students from our local schools to spread several tons of river rock and move machinery out of the buildings into daylight. Daylight and Fresh Air: things that this machinery had not experienced for decades (after spending most of their “lives” working outdoors).

I hesitate to give names because I fear missing someone. But it involved the usual gang of the regular maintenance team and Vern’s tractor.

This is a very low maintenance & different kind of attraction for PP. It’s also easily observed from a vehicle for mobility challenged Members and Visitors.

More items are being considered to hang on the exterior wall. Student volunteers also applied a couple of coats of clear finish to help preserve the beautiful Mural-which is a great part of Machinery Hill.
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